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Press Release of the Interim Government Accusing Biya's Government For Abducting Ambazonian Leader For Treason and Acts of Terrorism

The Interim Government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia ( strongly condemns the abduction of President Sisiku Julius Ayuk Tabe and nine other officials by gunmen from la Republic du Cameroun at about 19:30 pm in Nera Hotels, (Ekwueme Road), Abuja Nigeria on January 5, 2018. This criminal abduction happened during a meeting being chaired by H.E. Sisiku Ayuk Tabe.

Those arrested along with the President H.E. Sisiku Ayuk Tabe include:
Dr. Nfor Ngala Nfor, Chairman of the Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC)


Dr. Fidelis Nde Che,
Dr. Henry Kimeng
Prof. Awasum
Dr. Cornelius Kwanga
Mr. Tassang Wilfred
Barrister Eyambe Elias
Dr. Ojong Okongho and
 Barrister Nalowa Bih.
The President and his team were in a High Command meeting in Abuja, Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria at the time the Cameroun Gunmen showed up at the Hotel. The meeting started at around 5pm, Nigerian time. At around 7:30PM, the gunmen came into the Hotel and abducted all of them including the President.
The meeting was scheduled to discuss the Southern Cameroons Refugee crisis in Nigeria and to galvanize relief support for housing, medical and feeding in anticipation of the approaching rainy season.
The Federal Government of Nigeria has been notified of the incident and it is currently investigating the situation. The Interim Government of the Southern Cameroons calls on all Southern Cameroonians to remain calm as it pursues investigations.
Southern Cameroonians continue to be victims of extra judicial killings orchestrated by President Paul Biya and his henchmen.
President Paul Biya and his henchmen must know that Southern Cameroonians will continue to assert their right to self-determination and will hold Paul Biya to account on all the killings of Southern Cameroonians.
We call on Nigerian authorities to address this issue immediately and ensure that the Cameroun Government does not do any harm to them. We also call on the Nigerian authorities to investigate this threat against its sovereignty by La Republique du Cameroun.
We call on the Nigerian government to guarantee the security of the more than 20,000 Southern Cameroonian refugees in various camps in Nigeria.
Ambazonians will “Live Free or Die.”
 Secretary of Communications and IT
 Federal Republic of Ambazonia
Distributed by APO Group on behalf of Federal Republic of Ambazonia.

News in: Ambazonian Leader and Six others Abducted

Ayuke Tabe Julius President of the Ambazonian Republic with six others, were abducted at Nera Hotels in Nigeria by unknown Gunmen yesterday Saturday 6 January 2018 news avail.
This operation which is going viral on social Media and has sparked a wave of confusion in the Anglophone part of the country is yet to be contained as founded or mere false alarm.
Suspicions are rift that certainly they must have been picked by Cameroonian Gunmen with the aid of Nigerian security intelligence following last year's international arrest warrants signed after members of the governing Council.
As we report their where about is still unknown, and the Cameroonian government has made no official statement through its government spokesperson Issa Tcheroma Bakary.
Those arrested along with the President H.E. Sisiku Ayuk Tabe include:
Dr. Nfor Ngala Nfor, Chairman of the Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC)


Dr. Fidelis Nde Che,
Dr. Henry Kimeng
Prof. Awasum
Dr. Cornelius Kwanga
Mr. Tassang Wilfred
Barrister Eyambe Elias
Dr. Ojong Okongho and
 Barrister Nalowa Bih.
It should be noted that the serious MEN Hunt by the Cameroonian government comes at the foothills of a serious wave of confusion sparked in the Anglophone part of the country since November 2016 by leaders of the independence movement that has caused timid school reopening, the burning of schools, human lost, untold suffering and above all economic stagnation and hardship.
The case of Mamfe people who now seek refuge as refugees in Nigeria is very obvious.
The ambush operation as we source further is creating great panic and tension amongst secessionists leaders in the diaspora who are wandering about their own security and the fate of the struggle.
Political pundits and analysts are now predicting doom for the struggle as its leaders have now been arrested.
Other optimistic opinion holders are with the view that they have been abducted by government to iron out things to ensure that frank and meaningful dialogue can begin.
A last school of thought thing that the governing Council was infested with a lot of traitors, that is why what ever was planned in secret ended up in public. To them, strategies and policies need to be redefined and shaped.
Only days ahead, looking at how complex the situation or circumstance is can tell about the leaders of the movement and the Anglophone struggle for Independent in Cameroon.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


            The Unity of Cameroon being engraved by Covenant refers to her early existence as a German territory and her Unity of 1961. After so many years living apart as colonies of France and Britain with different cultures, there was a carved out exercise of God for a continuous relationship covenanted by oath .
            `The Almighty God brought together the two brothers torn apart by colonial lust to be in relationship with Him as brothers of a single entity. This covenant between God and Cameroonians was established and endorsed with an oath that can not be broken today or later. The engravement of this nation by God, should not because of some little human mistakes, cause some people to stand against God’s covenant and seek for a painful separation. All promises made by God in the engravement of Cameroon as a united and indivisible nation in Africa, are guaranteed for all its effects to be actualized as He designed, and no force can put asunder what He has put together.
            Those who want to put asunder what God has put together and covenanted, should be made to understand that there are no genetic accidents in the history of creation as far as the creator and provider is concerned. The creation of the state of Cameroon (Anglophones and Francophones) was not a genetic accident for some people to take advantage and seek for separation today. All that was engraved by God, is by His good pleasure. The creation of Cameroon as a loving, peaceful and United people is on the basis of God’s agreement within the context of His divine love for peace and unity of mankind. For 56 years of reunification, Cameroonians have enjoyed abundantly God’s act of creativity as an Almighty creator, as compared to other nations of Africa. For Cameroon to have passed through so many tunnels full of temptations, to be today recognized as an entity with a sovereignty, is an act of God’s Creativity. No struggle to put it asunder can receive His covenant. The love, peace and unity in this country is engraved by God and can not be wiped out by any entity or a group of persons in the diaspora. God’s program for Cameroonians as a united and loving people, had been guaranteed by Him, for all its effects to be actualized as were designed. Those in the diaspora and brain-washed brothers at home, should know that Anglophone and francophone relationship can never be seen as a genetic accident. They did not come together in 1961 because Nigeria did not want the people of southern Cameroons, but they were brought together by God’s abundant pleasure to unite His people.
            In order words, from 1961 till date, Anglophones and francophones living under a common roof of the Republic of Cameroon, just as their other brothers that got lost to Nigeria, is in the context of the Almighty God’s pleasure and nobody has a right to question. The existence of Anglophones and francophones as brothers for 56years is covenanted by God, and their relationship is a covenanted engravement by the Almighty God. The power of the covenant is responding and will be for the satisfaction of all (Anglophones and francophones) when they acknowledge and yield to God’s instructions and commands, not yielding to those of some persons of the demonic realm with ghost –town. God in His sovereignty brought the Anglophones and francophones together as citizens of Cameroon under His guidance in order to make them partakers of His divine nature - love, peace, unity and socio-economic and political advancement, as the destiny of their children and children’s children.
            Genesis 9:9 “And as for me, behold, I establish my covenant with you and with your descendant after you”.
            God has taken an oath to provide love, peace and unity to Cameroonians even at a moment like this when things seem so rough as it is the wish of demons due to their selfish desires out of lust. His covenant with the Cameroon nation since reunification is a wholesome truth and seperationists should not at any moment cause the people to relent efforts to continue embracing and thanking Him. As they continue to embrace the powers of God’s covenant, it will make them maintain their relationship in the superior of that covenant, because  God has sent it for their wellbeing. Cameroon, a country of covenant, stands proud in Africa as a nation of great manifestations. These can be seen in the diverse socio-economic and political upheavals of 1990 till date. Some who died many years back, if they were to come back, they will not believe their eyes today of the Cameroon that they will be seeing. They will be seeing a Cameroon tied to the manifestation of God’s covenant. Other countries are war-torn zones, but Cameroon’s progressive force for love, peace and unity, keeps growing even though against the strong wish of mask faces. This progressive force for love, peace and unity, dates back to reunification when God spoke to Cameroonians as He did to Adam and Eve in Genesis 1:26-28 “Be fruitful and multiply. Fill the earth and subdue it”.
            To subdue is to take charge. Since 1961, the entire territory of Cameroon was given to Cameroonian (both Anglophones and franphones) to take charge, fill and subdue. That is the more reason that a population of about 5.000.000 inhabitants of both Anglophones and francophones in 1961, is today 25.000.000 inhabitants or even more. Cameroonians, have taken charge of the territory of Cameroon, have been fruitful and have multiplied to please God’s covenant. Today, the very God can not go into a covenant with people of faces behind   the mask, who out of greed and not with His authority, want to put asunder, what He blessed and put together in 1961 – the Republic of Cameroon that He swore and is making sure that His spoken words sent for her peace and unity, is actualized. When God speaks, every word of his does not return void, but accomplishes that which He pleases. God gave Cameroon (Anglophones and francophones) the covenant, and has sworn to make sure that every spoken word of His for the wellbeing of a peaceful and united Cameroon, be actualized.
            Isaiah 45:22-23 “Look to me and be saved, all you ends of the earth. I am God and there is no other. I have sworn by myself, the word has gone out of my mouth in righteousness, and shall not return, that in me every knee shall bow, and every tongue shall take an oath.
For 56 years the covenant of God has been given to all Cameroonians (Anglophones and francophones), to keep and work by its precepts in order to partake of its glory – love, peace, and many other benefits embodied in the covenant. Since God has entered a covenant with the people of Cameroon, they ought to respect the covenant, and close their ears to calls of separation from the Diaspora. They should close their ears to calls of separation and walk in obedience to the covenant, so as to be entitled to more blessings, that have to do with long life the Republic of Cameroon. Let the entire nation be now conscious of their covenant with God and walk with it , for they were of it since 1961.



Anglophone Crisis: Azong Wara Andrew X-Rays Struggle in Cameroon–The Book BACK TO THE FURE I & II Tells it all of Tuesday 16th October 2017

As one-time Secretary General of the now outlawed Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC) I had reached the conclusion that Cameroon was one and indivisible as was being propounded by the ruling elite of this nation.  This followed the response of the UN Secretary General, Dr. Kofi Annan , to the many applications submitted to his office on various occasions by the SCNC as a way of reconciling the people of the English speaking Cameroon with those of the French speaking to ensure a one united and indivisible country, rich in diversity.  At the end of that visit Dr. Annan invited the Head of State Mr. Paul Biya to the UN to prepare and lay the framework for dialogue, a mission which Mr. Biya undertook in the company of Mr. Simon Achidi Achu and Chief Endeley of blessed memory.  I was to play a role in the organization of that dialog but before it could take off my colleagues of the SCNC  frustrated it by ostracizing me from the Southern Cameroon aka Ambazonia.  As a result we reached a dead end with that effort.
The governing Council of “SCACUF” has today reached its own dead and it is the same end that the founding fathers of Cameroon reached when they returned to the UN with the Conveners of AACI and AAC2 after their meeting in Buea and Bamenda in 1993 and 1994 respectively.  It is the same end that Fon Gorji Dinka and Ambazonia reached, etc.  There is no blue and white flag in the UN to be picked up by Southern Cameroon aka Ambazonia
The education of the children of the Anglophone regions of Cameroon has been frustrated.  We were fooled in to believing that UNESCO would award Anglophones with a Blank, School Year if we followed the advice to keep our children out of school indefinitely, that international institutions will not recognize certificates from Cameroon if we allowed our children to write what was described as ‘political’ GCE, and so on and so forth.  In doing this we were forced to abandon the SCNC’s philosophy of the “Force of Argument” and accept the sacrifice of having our children maimed and our businesses paralyzed.  The result was the carnage of 1st October 2017 No blue and white flag came from the UN.  UNESCO is still to award the much trumpeted certificate of a blank school year to Cameroon.  What do we have to offer for the blood and destruction resulting from the events of Sunday October 1st 2017 except to lay the blame on the excesses of the forces of law and order of La Republic?.
The foregoing not withstanding I believe that the way forward is to embrace the true and inclusive dialogue advocated by the UN.  In this respect, I think that we should endorse the efforts of pacification being made by the elite of the North West and south West Regions led by the Prime Minister’s Office.  These elites are no less Anglophones than we.  It is only and atmosphere of peace and confidence that meaningful and productive dialogue can take place.  In this way we will come to realize and accept the oneness of Cameroon albeit in two systems.
                Ati-Nyong, Pioneer registrar GCE Board.
                Member of Order of International Fellowship

The Anglophone crisis in Cameroon – BACK TO THE FUTURE I
FROM THE BooK OF MY BRIAN  Azong-Wara Andrew.  Friday August 18 2017

 On the 12th October 1993 the entire nation of Cameroon came to a standstill.  Anglophones wherever they found themselves in the national territory descended into the streets in tension to demand the publication of the text of application of the presidential decree of 1st July 1993 creating the Cameron General Certificate of education Board.  The military, the police and the gendarmerie were deployed ostensibly to enforce law and order.  In their characteristic manner they pumped acid “rain” from water   cannons on the gathering of Anglophones notably in the premises of the Ministry of Education in Yaounde where the ‘who’ of the Anglophones had assembled.  Across the nation songs of no turning back rang.  God heard our prayers and opened the heavens.  His rains poured down and neutralized the acid rains of the tormentors.

Then the Government gave in.  at 1:00[.m., and for the first and only time in Cameroon’s history, the national news opened in English with the reading of the text the Anglophones were demanding when the reading ended there were uncontrollable outbursts of it  not the text’ some evil hand had played monkey tricks with it and the pressure the Anglophone public was mounting on the streets had caused the prime Minister to panic and sign the text without ensuring that it was the same  as had been prepared by the commission he had set up for the purpose.  A visibly disturbed Achidi Achu called Bamenda from where I was coordinating the strike and pleaded with me to call the Anglophone public off the streets and give him two (2) days to redress the problem.  The leadership I had displayed to the Teachers Association of Cameroon, TAC and the trust I had in the Prime minister permitted me to concede.

On the 15th of October 1993, Anglophones from all over the country reassembled in Longla Commercial College (LCC) Mankon to listen to TAC read the PM’s promised text. The Messenger was Dr. Peter Abety, the present Chairman of the Council of the GCE Board.  He handed the document to me in front of the large crowd which constrained us to read the document in the presence of all and declare on the spot if it was the right one this time round.  We complied and after carefully reading through the text we concluded that it was indeed what we were expecting.  As the leader I took my responsibility and pronounced the end of our mission which was acclaimed spontaneously through out the country.

As we rose to leave the late Mr. Albert Mukong requested to say a word before we close I obliged in his intervention he called me and my colleagues traitors.  He said the fight must not stop because he had expected us to carry  it on and on until the independence of Southern Cameroons.  In other words Mr. Mukong wanted to convert the struggle for the creation of the GCE board into a fight for the independence of Southern Cameroons perplexed I turned to the population and cast a look of expectation for help but everyone was as disturbed as we were.  Then in a flash of inspiration I put him off in the following words.

Sir we received a mission from the Anglophones to create a GCE Board.  The Board has been created and that mission has come to an end. If the same Anglophones want to assign a new mission to us to take them to Southern Cameroons we are ready to give the thought”

There was a resounding “no!” and we left LCC happily.
A week or so later Anglophones converged in Bea at CEFAM to witness the installation of the Board and its Pioneer Chairman the Late S.N. Dioh by the minister of National Education Dr. Robert Mbella Mbappe.  This was the main antagonist of the G.C.E. Board but when in Buea he was pleased to announce that “As Azong Wara has said, I too was there”.

Barely 23 years after the creation of the GCE Board, precisely on 20th Novembers 2016, the Teachers Unions and Associations embarked on an indefinite strike action to address some ills they had identified in the Anglophone sub-system of education.  It is important to emphasize that the teachers at no point in time questioned the authenticity of certificates issued by the GCE Board.  In fact in studies carried out together with the Cameroon education Forum it had been observed that.

·         The General Certificate of Education Examination Board has impacted  very favourably on  on the office du Baccalaurean in terms of the setting.  Organization and conduct of Examinations.  It was the GCE Board which brought the office du Baccalaureate into membership of the prestigious Association for Education assessment in Africa (AEAA).
·         Cameroon (thanks to us Anglophone subsystem) was one of the few countries selected by the Republic of South Africa and Namibia during the 1980s (years of political instability and armed conflict in these two countries) to give secondary education to their children.  Children from these countries studies in St. Joseph’s College Sase.  Saker Baptist College in Lime and others.
·         Finally, at nor recorded time or period, has the United Kingdom or any other countries of the world doubted the validity, reliability and worthiness of the Cameroon General Certificate of Education as an entry qualification for admission into the University.
Therefore the information being circulated in the social media that GCE certificates will not be recognized is total nonsense.
Again the argument being sponsored in the same media that certificates issued to graduates of Cameroonian Universities are worthless because holders are truck pushers and Buyam Sellams,  or what have you, is a baseless one.  After all there are graduates in the Diaspora who are making their leaving by washing corpses, taking care of the elderly, pumping fuel at petrol stations, driving taxis, etc.  the absence of good jobs is not related to the lack of proper qualification et al.

Excuse this digression!  Back to the future?

The teachers’ strike pushed the government to set up an Ad Hock Committee headed  by Prof Ghaogomo to study the problems presented by them and make recommendations’ for solutions.  The  Cameroon Education Forum was represented on that committee as were the teachers unions/associations and many other education stakeholders.  At the conclusion of the work the Teachers scheduled an explanation meeting at the Presbyterian Church Centre Ntamulung Mankon.  It was a meeting like the 15th October 1993 meeting at LCC Mankon Regrettably that meeting has not hold till date by some twist of circumstance or fate it will appear that, this time the spirit of Mukong resurfaced in the form of the consortium and took over the teachers strike to carry the fight to independence.
The question that haunts me and many that share my thoughts is this
Does the Anglophone children’s education constitute a weapon in the hands of the consortium in the war of independence?
Is it still weapon the Teachers Unions/Associations are using to fin solutions to the problems which engendered the strike of 20th November 2016.

Since the schools boycott was an upshot of the strike action I believe the onus of answer lies with the teachers Unions/Associations.  In other words the parents who are required to make the ultimate sacrifice need to know whether it is for achieving independence of the Southern Cameroons or it is  for a better education system for their kids.  Why am I having this sour feeling that the future will have no pity on the Teacher Unions/Association if they fail to answer this question?

While we wait for the answer I wish to state that my position on the Anglophone crises in Cameroon is congruent to that of the Cameroon Education forum, CEF for which I am secretary General.  In its contribution to stemming the tide of the Anglophones Crisis in Cameroon CEF holds that, “mindful of government promise to methodically and in an orderly manner implement the resolutions of the Ghogomo Ad Hoc Committee, and, hoping that we have all learned our various lessons of history and strikes and minority rights, and that our children have been scarified enough, the government, the church, the parents, the teachers and all Education promoters, stakeholders and the Civil Society should pave a smooth way for the children to go back to school”  the right to education is a fundamental right of the child.  Let us do the right thing by allowing them full exercise of that right.

Secondly,  I join my voice in appealing to government to free all detainees involved in the protracted strike action, create an atmosphere of trust and regard the demonstrations in Cameroon Embassies, abroad as misguided so that a prodigal son approach can be encouraged to give peace a change.

                                                                All-Njong, Pioneer registrar GCE Board.
                                                                Member of Order of International fellowship

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Biya Petitioned by Social Media Activists for a United and Stable Cameroon

Since November 2016, Cameroon has been shaken by the crisis in the two predominantly English-speaking regions, North West (NW) and South West (SW), which started as two separate union strikes but rapidly transitioned into a separatist project. The crisis has been sustained by school boycott, “ghost towns” and threats of violence. These punitive measures have led to economic hardship and identity crisis for most citizens in these regions. But it is also noted that the predominantly French-speaking Cameroonians, initially supportive of the unions in their demands, have become confused by the uninformed support for separation of the predominantly English-speaking regions from the rest of the country. Separatists have further argued that the socio-economic problems of predominantly English-speaking Cameroonians can be explained by the relative well-being of predominantly French-speaking Cameroonians. This obviously strains the living together of all Cameroonians, since it is generally felt that socio-economic problems are not a result of our diversity but rather the consequence of corruption, government inefficiencies and inertia in the face of a rapidly growing population.

Once the divisive level of support for separation is sufficiently reduced and the danger of a civil war minimized, we must proceed to reflect on recent events as well as measures to guarantee balanced regional development in future. Fortunately, through the actions of many patriots and the government, this atmosphere for reflection is now being created with more children returning to school each day. The best way to carry out the post-crisis reflections and actions would be by engaging with law makers and the administration in Cameroon with a prescribed framework.

In light of the above, we of the social media community called “English Cameroon for a united Cameroon” are therefore calling on the Cameroonian parliament and senate as well as the executive branch to join hands and heal our nation. They should further seek to improve conditions in the regions, especially in NW and SW where there is evidence of structural problems that have unfortunately fostered a sense of alienation, much to the advantage of separatists and to the detriment of our harmonious living together.  We demand that with effect from the official delivery of this petition:

1.      A truth and reconciliation commission should be created to discover the immediate causes, the course and the mistakes of this crisis, making recommendations to the state. The main goals of this much-needed exercise are

1.1. to restore the trust between citizens and the forces of law and order, seeing that despite the extra ordinary security work done in the latter stages of the crisis, the escalation was caused by manifestly unprofessional behavior and excessive use of power even against female students. The distrust was further worsened by events in Kifem and perfect bilingualism in the security forces could be seriously considered as an effective tool to bridge the gap in trust;

1.2. to work out what degree of clemency should be accorded to all those alleged to have committed crimes relating to the crisis, considering the lack of civic education, lack of access to proper information, and the high percentage of misled Cameroonians in the diaspora whose actions would normally merit a ban to enter Cameroon. Some of the leaders who fled Cameroon, on a case by case basis and a commitment to national unity, should be granted freedom to return on promise of good conduct.

1.3.  to reconcile our people and ensure that we avoid a similar crisis in future, either in the regions in question or elsewhere in the nation. Measures should be identified for effective reduction of support for separation to such a negligible level that the threat of separation no longer undermines the democratic process championed by legal political organizations.

2.      A task force for balanced regional development should be created, with special sensitivity to the two regions affected by this crisis. The goal should be to characterize and quantify socio-economic gradients in the country, recommending measures to reduce these. Beyond seeking fair distribution of resources and opportunities, the task force should also look to other models of emerging economies for inspiration on how to get the best results with our minimal resources, thereby eliminating wasteful spending and the growing national debt.

3.      To remain true to the rule of law, thereby showing a positive example to our citizens, we demand immediate concrete steps in implementing the provisions for the decentralized unitary state which are anchored in the constitution. This is a necessary first step toward bringing the government closer to the people while the citizenry is then educated on federalism such as its nature, merits, demerits, options for state-federal government power sharing and possible federal states in the case of Cameroon. The judgment whether to transition from a decentralized unitary state to a federal would then be up to the well-informed citizens.

4.      The commission on bilingualism and multiculturalism should be empowered to explore the possibility of a national youth service program whereby students will receive a stipend for a year to render service to the nation in different parts of the country. The locations should be chosen with the aim of breaking down linguistic and tribal barriers while advancing our unity in diversity.

We trust that all members of parliament, senators and the current administration will see the wisdom in meeting the demands in a timely manner. This plea should be viewed as coming from the yearnings of the whole nation for the restoration of peace and unity amidst. We do this in the hope that data-driven and timely policies will help us to preserve our heritage and emerge as a peaceful bilingual modern state with the best that Africa offers.

                              Petition initiated by English Cameroon for a united Cameroon


Should October 1st 2017 come and pass futile as obvious it will be, with no independence for a southern Cameroon State as envisaged, what becomes the faith of the jailed leaders and those in the diaspora? Should schools in the two regions resume classes in January, 2018, as programmed by Southern Cameroon leaders, even though with a heavy mark of contradiction of what is currently going on in schools, what infrastructures will be in place as hired terrorists must have burnt or destroyed everything? Are they to use teachers trained in the Anglophone training institutions? The answers to these questions are hanging in the win. It is commonly accepted that you do nothing when you are angry. Like the Anglophone Scenario, how sound is it for us to place our own scrotums on a stone and crush them because we are angry? The cry coming from the wilderness is for Anglophones to stop crushing their own scrotums, because the end result gives frowns on no other faces but ours. The mouths that will open wide to cry will be ours, not those of the francophones, even though when your brother feels some pains, you might to some degree suffer with him, but he suffers most. I hope I am talking to some people who will listen without a bias to think that I am out un-necessarily touching a bee-hive.
We are enticed by some greedy desires, misled and finally trying to be divided. This tendency of going divided as strongly advocated out of greed by some Anglophone bourgeois class in the diaspora, failed to take serious note of the water that ran down and passed under the political bridge that linked the two brothers in their struggle to build a united and prosperous nation, best of its kind in the entire Africa-Cameroon, Africa in miniature. We the innocent people back at home are today given the deceitful impression by the bourgeois class in the diaspora that United Nations is coming to reverse decisions that were concretely taken, not out of Coercion, but out of sincere love of Unity and brotherhood for a better nation of Cameroon. How rational is such an impression to be taken so serious by the Anglophones, to an extend of going mad? However, it goes that those to be destroyed by the gods, are first rendered mad. And any cricket that comes out of its hole, crying so loud, is inviting nothing but death. That is the sure case of any fly that will want to go down into a grave with a corpse.
All archives worldwide can prove to us that on the 11th February, 1961, a plebiscite was held in the Anglophone Cameroon, to confirm their sincerity to join their brothers (the Francophones) and to form a strong, single, United and indivisible entity- RE UNIFICATION. It went overwhelmingly in favour of reunification with the Francophone Cameroon who were already enjoying as a nation with her Sovereignty recognized by united Nations. The Anglophones not out of coercion unanimously agreed to move and be part of that sovereignty recognized by UNITED NATION, but on a simple understand that their dichotomy was going to be based on a federalism of two states. The Anglophone Cameroon was to remain a legal entity with all her organs, institutions, culture, legal systems, with a parliamentary system of government out rightly respected by the Union’s constitution.
In the Foumban constitutional conference, these terms were actually incorporated into the Cameroon constitution of 1961, in article 47, and was actually made impossible to unilaterally amend or destroy any part of the constitution without equally destroying the true structure of the Union between the Anglophones and Francophones. But barely five years, and that was in 1966, there was the dissolution of all political parties leaving only the Cameroon Nation Union that was Alhidjo’s party to stay. This was done and given all acceptance by all (Anglophones and francophones), with no respect for what was held by the constitution in place, and equally no protest.
We can not refuse the fact that silence, indicates consent. As Cameroonians (particularly the Anglophones) remained silent for many years, it gave room for any world body like the United Nations to conclude that they consented. Barely again after another five years, that was in the year 1972, the Foumban accord was abrogated as the Federal system was abolished. This again had no iota of protest from the people. Rather, there was usually enough jubilation each moment the constitution was abrogated. At this moment that there are complaints of dirty water in the washing basin, is it right for us to throw the water with the child? Is it the child’s fault to be in the dirty water? Finally, what does our bourgeois class in the diaspora expect of United Nations concerning situations that we deliberately could not use the wisdom that was required? Those who lack wisdom are bound to perish. For us to perish, we better go for dialogue and see how we can as a United entity, put right that which went wrong.
I have discussed with some persons with minds poisoned by the crooked notions of our bourgeois class in the diaspora, and they have placed plenty of interest on the idea that the Union between the Anglophones and francophones, had a trial period. If at all such a trial period as they claim had any sense, was there any complaint immediately the structure of the Union was tempered with? “No” is the clear answer. If we failed to complain, why should we today think that United Nations can reverse the hands of the clock and get into the game in favour of the bourgeois class in the diaspora? Our bourgeois class in the diaspora are giving the impression that they look more of watch-dogs racing behind a thief who stole many hours ago and vanished into the thin air. It is a waste of the people’s time and resources. It is more of exploitation for some persons with mark faces to benefit. That is as I see it.
There was a lot of abrogation of the principles of the Union between Anglophones and francophones. But for many years, total silence gave room for acceptance and no dust raised now should be taken seriously to be for the good of the people. There are faces behind the masks with vicious intentions that are not for the good of the Anglophone people, nor that of the francophones. Today, ignorant Anglophones are being exploited by the bourgeois class in the diaspora all in the sense that United Nations is on the way to give Anglophones a sovereign state, being a break away from the Republic of Cameroon. That is nothing but an illusion to keep Anglophones brave enough to be exploited by their own brothers. Let us all accept that United Nations has no section of its charter that can be used to split Cameroon into two, granting Sovereignty to an Anglophone state. The case of abrogation of the constitution of the Union’s agreement, if found surfacing and found irritating, can be redressed by Cameroonians in Cameroon and not the diaspora.
The truth as can be found now stands that faces behind the masks, should stop shading tears over spilt milk, but come over to face reality in Cameroon with their fellow brothers at home. Some days of recent, I went to my archive and discovered a write up on how some poor C.D.C  labourers came up with sound sums of money to support the struggle at the United Nations for a reverse to federalism in Cameroon. Too good if it were possible that United Nations can successfully handle a case like that to its victory. I see it only as a means to exploit the people. I emphatically observe that if an innocent man is cheated because of ignorance, the wise involved in the act, is punished by higher powers a hundred fold. The conscience in us should remain an open wound that only truth can cure. We should not because we need cheap popularity, present cases of the wise to the foolish and exploit them. It is sad to see brothers who are bourgeois in the diaspora floating about like butterflies, all in the name of Angels sent to savage the Anglophones. We can not get Sovereignty by flying pieces of cloth in bushes, but rather to stay United and indivisible in the Sovereignty of our great and blessed nation-Cameroon, that United Nations knows and respects. We must do all possible no where-else but in the Cameroon territory to give ourselves the required relationship that maintains our peace and unity for progress. Those heading to the United Nations, America, South Africa should stop wasting resources and let us concentrate here at home where the fight can be handled in our traditional context for our good and that of our children of tomorrow.
This long period of great storm in the Anglophone Regions of Cameroon needs to be rebuked for a great calm in the interest of all. Seeing the future bleak, the great storm should now provoke a great calm from our gods of mount Cameroon and those of the hills of Bamenda. Watching sorrowfully as the days pass by and the great storm keeps menacing the peace that reigns in the Northwest and Southwest Regions, it comes my humble plea for us to seek a great calm that can confront this great, storm. The opening of schools in September 2017, is anxiously begging for our collective challenges to the spirits that want our children to remain at home. It is the size of these challenges that can determine our sincere interventions in the interest of our children’s future.

Done in Bamenda on the 13th  Day of September 2017
    Sign:Rev. Prof. Tita Samuel Fon (ph.D)
      Honorary National Chairman, Founder and Father CPP