Saturday, July 22, 2017

Editorial: Nigerians Join Southern Cameroon Secessionists Movement

How Nigerian Acting President & American Nigeria University are Indirectly Bankrolling the Course 

With the southern Cameroon liberation struggle or Anglophone crisis reaching its crescendo since November 2016, news this early July 2017 avails and it goes by sound human interpretation and analysis that if the interim President of Southern Cameroon Ayuke Julius Tabe is the Vice-President of the American Nigerian University and a good friend to the acting President of Nigeria Yemi Osinbajo, who is presently the president of the said University,. One of Nigeria’s far most richest university, it is imperatively obvious and practically possible that the rich Southern Cameroonian interim President may be having the indirect or direct financial support of President Yemi for the Southern Cameroon Liberation Movement as funds coming from his pockets are certainly funds from the university in which he is one of its board member.
His high sense knowledge in the ICT information Communication Technology world as it is well known, or gathered from his past working experience with Sonel in Cameroon as Regional Chief in Ebolowa, plus his rich career profile in the said domain as a veteran educationist, cannot easily distance him and the American University of Nigeria for having a hand technically and financially in the donation and full operation of the Southern Cameroon Broadcasting TV Network.   
Acting President Yemi and Interim President Ayuke Julius, who are long time friends cum board members and brains behind the creation of ANU, will or should assist each other in precarious moments. Like the one his bosom friend Julius is faced with or called to task to accomplish.
Being under the cover of the Acting Nigerian President, Julius Tabe the Interim President of Southern Cameroon is more protected and certainly in security to carry out any operation to foster or strengthen the southern Cameroon Liberation course.
Which is certainly the reasons why amongst others adding to his huge financial resources that attracted Tassang and the rest currently living under him had to entrust to him the baton of command beyond all expectations and to the chagrin of a good number of southern Cameroonians who had been championing the liberation struggle over some 20 years back because they lack or cannot afford to sustain financially or consolidate the movement.       


To handle this task with perfection, the builders of this nation should avoid pillars of social inequality at which citizens of the same Country are given different attentions – wealth, prestige, or power. This nation (francophones and Anglophones) is characterized by some degree of social inequality that is blowing some hot air into the nostrils of the Anglophones causing the exposure of their bitterness, and a cry for situations to be normalized in the interest of peace, unity and brotherhood. It is just a natural phenomenon that no child disturbs the mother out of hatred, but does that out of love and the desire to be given due care. Same it goes that the Anglophone two Regions are not disturbing out of hatred for their brothers the francophones, but out of love and the fundamental desire to be given the care that they have missed since re-unifucation.
            The Social inequality between the eight francophone and the two Anglophone Regions of Cameroon is quite with a big margin as the   Regions of francophone stand high in Social rankings and they control more state resources, wield state power, receive and render better treatment in offices due to the fact that francophones in all the offices (private and public) over-ride the Anglophones. The consequences of this stratification are evident in the unequal distribution of state resources that leave the Anglophones dis-satisfied, frustrated, angry and have to dine with the demon of secession. So many Anglophones have asked to my hearing, “what was the essence of Ahidjo/Foncha marriage?”
            This question goes with the answer hanging in the wind because with the many years of re-unification, Cameroon is not quite United in the true sense of social equality from all to all. The Anglophones should not be blamed for disturbing , because no dis-satisfied, frustrated and angry person thinks positively. There is an iota of madness in all persons suffering from dis-satisfaction, frustration and anger. So, it goes with the Anglophones who are detained in Yaounde and to be tried in a military Court. Looking at them from the point that they are all suffering from an iota of madness and had to do what they did the Head of State President Paul Biya should grant them State pardon. They are mad people and they deserve the Head of State’s pardon.
            Of course, each Region ought to have a fair-share of state resources. This is where there is a conflict over how these resources are being distributed, as the two Anglophone regions remain weeping on the dry rocks of re-unification. Those that the gods want to destroy, they first render them mad, like those detained in Yaounde. Even though they did what they ought not to do, for the fact that they are suffering from an iota of madness, the Head of state should have mercy on them and use his prerogative powers to send them to a mental-care hospital than allowing them to be imprisoned or condemned to death. Because there is a lot of implication in the stratification of the nation, the need did arise for the creation of a commission on Bilingualism and multiculturalism to seek solutions to the Anglophone cry of being left on the dry rocks of re-unification. At this point of matters, the Commission should direct her attention to the needs of the various regions, for a fair distribution of state resources to avoid people getting mad out of dis-satisfaction, frustration and anger.
            At this point of matters still, the need might arise to let the regions have regional governments, so that the people can have a choice on how to apply their share of what ever equally comes from the central government in Yaounde.  With the centralization in Yaounde, the government as what it is today, can not talk of balance distribution of resources for development when there is stratification and resources for development in the various regions, drop at the whims and caprices of the powers that be. In this circumstance, the Anglophones find themselves greatly cheated and therefore , their cry and disturbances cannot be doubted, hoping that there can be a restructuring of relationship for a realistic united Cameroon through negotiation. The term negotiation here refers to an attempt to reach agreement with others concerning some objectives. Negotiation does not involve coercion. It goes by bargaining, compromising, trading off, mediating, exchanging, and collusion. Negotiation occurs in various ways. The negotiation for the reconciliation of the present stale-mate in Cameroon, will require not only social interactions which the commission on Bilingualism and multiculturalism might easily handle, but goes further to seek some negotiation orders that will require social structures that will derive their existence from social  interactions of the people, through which all can define without doubts their characters.
            This is where the commission should avoid being seen or taken for a bell jingled to cause angry Anglophones to laugh. The commission should immediately get the bull by its horns and come up with guidelines for negotiation to start effectively. This is because when the commission will go about its work, it shall handle a lot of social orders involving Coercion, but might fail to notice other interactions between Anglophones and francophones that require negotiation orders. Let the Commission build a foundation that will carry a realistic united Cameroon, as the destiny of posterity to which they shall all be accountable at the end. Should the Commission fail to provide negotiation orders to the Anglophone problem, it will be seen tomorrow as another giant project of the government that like others, became laughing stocks to the world, and the peace and unity of Cameroon will remain threatened to our sorrow, as Anglophones remain on dry rocks and will want to seceed.
            Negotiation can bring about statuses liberation for any position in government and/or the private sectors to be occupied buy any best applicant, no matter the tack of Anglophone or francophne that he carries on the neck. When we look at status here, we refer to the full range of socially defined positions, from the lowest to the highest. In this sense, any Cameroonian can work towards achieving the status of a leader and finally move to enjoying the assigned status of the President without discrimination. Let the languages of our former colonial masters be to ease our communication and not devices to determine relationship and for one language to be seen inferior to the other. We should be united for nation building to a point that none is seen to be dispensable because he carries a tack of ascribed statuses-anglophone or francophone.
            To keep Cameroon one and indivisible is a task that we must all see it accomplished. With all hands on deck-Anglophones and francophones alike, we must work together to build a united and prosperous nation that our children can inherite as their destiny. Our time is too short, we are doing too little and much is waiting to be done. We should not take the precious time and national resources that would have been used for our socio-economic and political development, to fight a meaningless war like others have done. We have to beware of our brothers and sisters who have the tendencies of secession. Out of greed, they want to fragment the nation, with nothing thereafter to offer for the socio-economic and political growth of the people.
            Fellow Cameroonians, don’t say you were not warned. We need to solve the Anglophone problem once and for all, by working together –Anglophones and Francophones hand in glove. We need peace, harmony and Unity now more than ever because the wild wind of ghost-towns that is blowing about has unknown faces behind the mask with hiden stories to be unveiled for a bleak future to all- Anglophones and Francophones. We shall all regret the lost of loved ones, feel the pains of deep wounds and regret jumping into the wild forest as refugees. We shall go begging for food, water and shelter, that we have enough now and are proud to keep refugees from other countries, that were not wise enough to solving problems through negotiation, but took to war.
            As the wind of ghost-towns and the faces behind the mask keep blowing the cannon of war closer to a point of explosion, we should all ask ourselves the questions, what is really wrong that we cannot put it right by negotiating? Must we go to war rather than seeking solutions to our problems? Has war ever been a solution to human problems in the history of mankind?” Answers are blowing in the wind.

Cameroon Anglophone Crisis & CONFUSION in the Struggle: Appointment of S. Cameroon Interim President (Ayuke Julius Tabe), Compounds Barrister Agbor Balla, Dr. Fontem & Others Case

Ø  Government Forced to Move Barr. Agbor Balla & Dr Fontem Neba to a Solitary Confinement
Ø  Ayah Paul in Desperation Laments in Agony Trying Situation
Ø  For Fear of Wrapping Up in Business, Mission Schools Open Admissions for 2017/2018 Academic Year amidts Threats
Ø  Out of Frustration & Lost Grip in the Struggle, SDF MPs Call for a National Dialogue and Reconciliation Forum
Ø  Wirba the Tagged “Maquisard”, Continue with Rebellious Crusade for Federation
Ø  Calls Increase for Change of Strategy while Schools are on
Ø  Nigeria Acting President & American Nigeria University Charged for Bankrolling the Struggle
Ø  While Self Seeking Anglophone in the Diaspora Battle with Young Overzealous Social Media Activists on How to Strengthen the Course
Ø  Leadership Squabble Tear Movement and Liberation Struggle Apart
“All these developments are only contributing factor to the final Death sentence and Life Imprisonment of Anglophone Cameroonians in jail by the Mfoundi Military Tribunal”
The obvious is now very clear and the audile should not be doubted as mission schools open their doors for the next 2017/2018 academic year.
With Mission schools reopening, that might be end of the road to the Anglophone struggle and the great liberation movement.
For it will now be crystal clear that Consortium leaders standing trial for acts of rebellion and terrorism orchestrated during the 2016/2017 teachers and lawyers strike in the North West and South West Region of Cameroon, will stand harsh court trial and possible hard jail sentence.
This can be diagnosed from the strength of the matter before the military court in Yaounde and the series of adjournments. To tell Anglophone Cameroonians that acts of that magnitude and capital to the social welfare of the State cannot be let gone easily as every one thinks (that is amnesty should be granted to all in jail unconditionally for frank dialogue to continue).
Proof of what this Reporter is saying, reports were rift and expectations high that the last, but one appearance of the consortium leaders in court will grant them conditional bail. But the contrary came to pass, even at a moment when Dr. Fontem Neba and Barrister Agbor Balla were ready for a conditional bail with their lead Counsel Barrister Ben Muna.
Rather the examining magistrate to prove that they don’t work on pressure or influence from where ever, ceased that opportunity in the confusion that rocked or clouded the air to indirectly rule over the case. I quote from the CRTV 7;30 pm news report “the examining magistrate has denied bail to the parties concern that they will stand trials till the end of the case because the crimes committed amounts to death penalty and life imprisonment or jail sentence”.
This note sounds clearly that judgment was indirectly passed and there is just no other pressure that can be mounted for the consortium leaders to be freed.
It is also very clear that the military court is not a civil administrative court and does not act or operate based on conditional pressure from where ever, not to talk of social media influence a forum whose views are hardly considered.
The system, a purely Presidential one, which we all know is ruled and governed by laws that safeguard the social welfare of the state and the regime in place. So anybody talking of secession, federalism and no to schools will certainly be baptized a terrorist and brought to books. A common saying holds it clear that “a child, who will not let the mother sleep, shall not also sleep”.
The advent of mission schools reopening kills all hopes for those in jail and the expectant Anglophone population who greatly await the release of their leaders. Because government will no longer be put to task and will go at its pace since there are no longer stakes involved in the negotiation deal.
Worst of all actions taken, by Anglophone Cameroonians in the Diaspora to strengthen the struggle, is the appointment of an interim President of the Southern Cameroon Nationhood in the person of Ayuke Julius Tabe.
The news celebrated by most Southern Cameroonian patriots, does not only shock the regime, but takes them aback and in clear terms means that Anglophone Cameroonians in the diaspora mean real business. In such a situation it is obvious now that government has every reason to fasten its belts or expect the worst. The hasty plans of appointing an interim leader to the Southern Cameroon nationhood after proprietors of mission schools resolved to open their doors for admission has only come not to help the situation at hand but, to grossly worsen the case of the Anglophone leaders in jails as government will see no reason to grant them amnesty.  News even avails that amnesty can only be granted to those who show remorse caught in the web, but the consortium leaders sure of the drummed support by their followers have never shown any iota of remorse.
Not only that, Wirba’s staged back coup in parliament and continues rebellious crusade for a two state federation is not giving government peace couple with the countless meeting the leaders of the Liberation movement are holding with international bodies. As they look for the obvious ways on how to content and contain his actions which is not only exciting the population but is a threat to peace and stability in the North West and South West of Cameroon. The excesses of his heroic actions dough celebrated, it is not helping the case of the consortium leaders in jail nor is it even pleasing to the SDF party leadership who has suddenly lost grip or hold of his actions which is making him more popular than any other SDF Member of Parliament or militant.
Developments now hold it very clear that the Cameroonian political play ground is very slippery, as no one can tell exactly what can be obtained in the next minutes ahead. Just as charlatans have taken the lead, self seeking hypocrites have taken advantage to go poisoning the minds of desperate youth and ignorant minority, while thieving officials continue with their “masquarad” to maintain grip or hold power. As its Supreme Lord or Grand Master show to the world how dexterous and charismatic he is in conflict management and manipulation.  

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Cameroon: As Anglophone Struggle & Southern Cameroon Liberation Movement Enters Full Gear;Wanton Arrest, Human Right Abuse and Abduction Rampant; Hosea Aghogah Gemuh At large Development Expert/Consultant Hunted for purportedly Supporting and Bankrolling Southern Cameroon Liberation Course

It will interest the public, the international community and the International Human Rights Commission, by passing the Cameroon National Human Rights Commission and Human Rights Civil Society NGOs, to know that in the depth of Anglophone crisis or better still the Southern Cameroon Liberation Struggle, which owes its origin from the November 2016 Teachers and Common Law Lawyers strike in the (North West/South West Region) Anglophone part of the country (ies the United Republic of Camroon) after the series of arrests carried out last January 2017,  there has been persistent and continues arrest of suspected individuals for either having a hand in the struggle, spreading anti government and secession tracks, or for poisoning the minds of Anglophone Cameroonians against the Republican government of President Paul Biya. Who has maintained legitimate rule and supremacy over the country for well over 34 years now.

The diabolic exercises or wanton arrests, is done during broad day light by plain cloth Policemen who are stationed to trial individuals targeted. Once arrest is effected, such an individual is immediately abducted to Yaounde the Political Capital at the Maximum Security Prison kondengui.

Statistics holds that after January’s arrests, sixty one (61) in number including Consortium Leaders (ie Coalition of Cameroon Anglophone Civil Societies), to name Barrister Agbor Balla, Dr Fontem Neba, and six other Journalists including Tim Finien, Publisher/Editor of Life Time Newspaper awaiting trial at Kondengui. Ten (10) others were arrested in the Months of March, May, and June, while there is an established List of Fifteen (15) Persons currently wanted and witch hunted.
Amongst is Hosea Aghogah Gemuh a Water resource Manager working with (CAMPROSAM) Cameroon Project for Sustainable Water Resources Development and Management, who narrowly escape death and arrest under serious torture in the May 2017 Arrest wanted while on a field research project to help better water resources in those Anglophone parts of the country heavily affected by the crisis.
We are reliably informed that their family compound was brought down to ashes Father and mother, Meshack Vubangsi, Elisabeth Limbu beaten to the point of death by unidentified armed men asking for their son’s where about.

The notorious regime, set to do all in its power has been terrorizing citizens of the Anglophone part of the country to let go children to school this September at all cost, Blocked from going to school by Consortium leaders since November 2016 in demand for their independence and the release of all Anglophones arrested and jailed during the hot periods of the upheavals.   
It should be noted that the government, after discovering that solving all the worries raised by teachers and the Common Law Lawyers during the strike could not contain the eager population who out of frustration desire independence from La Republique at all cost, had to resort to repression, torture, wanton arrest and outright abduction as the alternative solution. This desire comes from the backdrop of the fact that they were held captives and marginalized in all forms by their French counter parts for well over forty Four years (44).

In resistance, the angered Anglophone masses of the North West and south west Region of Cameroon have persisted with their non violence moves and calls for independence as the better half of it is well managed and handled abroad by it SCAFU Leader Tassang Wilfred and the interim National President of Southern Cameroon Ayuke Julius Tabe who was recently appointed by the join Southern Cameroon Liberation Front in the Diaspora.
News is rift and security fortified around the Anglophone part of the country as citizens live here in constant panic and total fear. There is no room for free expression, at the mention of the word “Ambazonia” (which means Southern Cameroon)  or call for schools boycott, or the need for “ghost Town” to be intensified or observed every Monday, you are immediately arrested and taken to Yaounde.
Clear evidence of what this Reporter is saying is seen in the good number of security Cameras planted in all strategic road junctions of these Anglophone parts of the country to trail and spy on everybody.

The motive is to instill fear in the public, watch over every action of the common man and cause schools to resume at all cost without necessarily releasing all those detained in Kondengui awaiting trial before the Mfoundi Military Tribunal as demanded by the public as a condition for school reopening.